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Hangzhou Tiankai is a professional company which specializes in importing and exporting of special products and services.  We are well recognized as a respected and famous enterprises here in Zhejiang Province, China. We sell our products all across China, but are also a trusted and respected supplier in many other countries too. We are a very reliable supplier and are eager to meet your needs.

With good distribution all over the world, our company specializes in exporting over 90 different goods and products, specializing in both organic and inorganic pigments, which are available in several different grades. We can meet your exact and precise requirements.  Most of our goods are available in three different grades.

  Highest quality top grade
  Medium grade
  and Economy grade

The good offerings are widely used in the coloring of solvent based ink, water based inks, plastic, coatings, rubber, leather, and in printing.  We also offer stationary products and many other fine products also.  

We offer bags, knitting textiles, weaving bags, and real goose down feather and other feather products.
We also offer raw steel.

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